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Monday, March 21, 2011

The Sleeper by Edgar Allan Poe- eraser by Kelly Wantuch

The mystic moon
exhales softly
upon the valley
wrapping it's
restfulness around
the canopy beneath
thy slumbering soul.
Ghosts show no fear
of solemn silentness.
Sacred chamber's
forever opens
her soft black wings
fluttering against
her childhood's tomb.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Starlight's Intuitions Pierced the Twelve by Delmore Schwartz...Eraser by Kelly Wantuch

Intuitions pierce the
brittle night sky like an
empty moon ruled useless.
No matter what-
Find the girl's never healed wound-
secrets sleep all the same.
She shuts off her wit-
words withdrawn, dreams denied-
altered truths in the abyss
will not hold.
No matter what-
A knife will spill infinite
Suspicions- inadequate
forgiveness until a touch
revives the memory like a
boomerang. She walks
dead-like, unspeakables
rise and never ignores her
consciousness. Her shadow
breathes like stars never born.

Photos taken from my train window going from Chicago to St. Louis

I am so glad to have had a camera to capture these sites along the way. What a wonderful way to go to St. Louis. I sat in the dinning car drinking coffee, writing some poetry, and designing some aquatint designs for my current intaglio piece I am working on. I am thinking of doing this again just for time to write, go to an interesting city with an art museum, spend the night and come home. So relaxing, the swaying back and forth of cars.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Poetry meets the intaglio process!

Here is a copy of the print I made using an aquatint intaglio process. I am experimenting with a way to incorporate my art and poetry and this might turn out quite beautiful. This is only the first plate, I will be adding images and background designs on 2 more plates and printing them together to create one image.

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Here I added a sugar lift design and will be adding more plates and colors in the next couple of weeks.
Here is a 1st intaglio pull of all 4 plates printed together...many changes still need to be made, but it is a good start I feel...