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Friday, August 13, 2010

Me playing the trumpet with the IUSB Jazz Ensemble in 2005

I can't say I miss playing. I don't, I am relieved if anything. I stopped in 2007 after about 1 1/2 years (20yr. break before that) and tried again a few months ago to make sure my reason I stopped in 2007, wasn't just due to bad memories of someone who's ego wanted me to play, more than I really wanted to. He boldly told me once that he knew me better than anyone else, and probably thought he knew me better than I even did. He was SO wrong. I now make my own choices about my own life, I will never let a professional decide for me what is best for me or my future.

I made a choice not to play anymore since I really didn't enjoy the pressures it involved on many levels and I just enjoy too many other things I would rather spend my time with like writing and art. That is just fine by me. I just didn't have much fun playing and to me it wasn't worth the hours of practice every day. I enjoy the "practicing" it takes to write or paint.

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