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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tapioca is Like... (a flarf poem) by Kelly Wantuch


  … a good thing while pregnant, but I don't know, eating foods that naturally containing cyanide compounds and all. People have been eating tapioca at least since the heyday of the Mayans, maybe in place of puffer fish.

Is it the taste, or the texture?

 I can eat it like a kid now, and that's good enough… it’s a creamy goodness with jujubes.  I have to admit that I've never liked the texture of tapioca pudding; it has a strange and gooey texture, like silly putty. It's like a smoothie, but usually not as thick like you’re chewing on coagulation of semen in testicles or something. Eating tapioca balls feels like you're chewing the insides of your cheeks, or like chewing on gummy bear’s balls of a passion fruit. I tell people that eating the tapioca balls seems a bit weird at first  like chewing on little gelatin-like dots, like little fish eyes staring up at me. Sometimes it tastes like heaven in the form of diarrhea, like a vanilla exploding round bubbly feel.

 Try it, eat all about it!

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