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Friday, December 4, 2009

Freudenstine by Kelly Wantuch

Nothing is the same now that it’s personal not professional.
Your denied feelings are as invasive as your golden trumpet vine
Growing insanely on your backyard pergola unstained.
Does she know who you think about when you water it?

Shared Super bowl birthdays, Sunburst racing, red tomatoes and
Whipping out those orthotics while Grandma Moses looks away...
You burned for me Isn’t Life Strange, Why? Because
Frozen gazes at the gym tell me what you want anyway.

Seducing me as you tell me you ate that chocolate vagina,
Maybe this is your new therapy technique?
You should have acquired supervision, because
I was nobody you should have tried to seek.

You tried to hide your burning blush when I
Remembered your birthday today.
But you're an admitted streaker,
You are not as opaque as you always say.

She doesn’t care about the world’s largest music store.
I bet she’d care why you had the need to bring it up.
Does she know why her backyard blueberry bush
Bears more blueberries than before?

My dedicated solo was a goodbye to you,
Even if you didn’t show, tough.
I wish I could hate you, times two.
I have trusted you enough.

This is no land of make believe.
Remember the oath to do no harm?
Does that apply to your wife as well?
Oh, yeah, you said you're a very good liar.

Your winking eyes and
Snapping of towels could only
Confuse.  What the hell?
My feelings are not a twist on your cube.

You quit the gym  like a
Coward that you are, you couldn’t
Face your indiscretions. The only
Real balls you own are for juggling.

You badmouthed me today
To the one who really knows
The boundaries you have crossed,
You can’t fool everyone, you have lost.

My only fault was learning to trust
Believing I was safe under your care,
But I made a big mistake,
And now have only pain to bear.
How could you dare to say you didn’t ever care?

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